Read this now before you consider any attendance with a chiropractor; because when you have injury and you are in pain your judgment can become seriously impaired.

If you are already attending a chiropractor –

then think again – before it becomes too late!

If you don't go, you can't be injured !

I thought I was the only person with chiropractor induced injuries like my own, but sadly I have heard from two other persons also living through chiropractic manipulation induced base of skull injuries.  One was hurt at the very time I had been drafting out these pages, the other shortly afterwards.  And yet we are still so very lucky to be mere slow walking wounded when compared to those who have died or were paralysed as a result of their head-neck manipulation (?)treatment(?).

If only the general public could hear about what is really happening!

Listed here are the names of some whose injuries have made the headlines;-

http://www.neck911usa.com/vict_det a.htm?id=2585751.56094907 

Do take a look - This is SERIOUS !

Chiropractors are known as ‘DC’s. They might have gained science, art or ‘ology degrees from a college or university education, and they might have paid for or worked their way through to a chiropractic qualification, but that ‘D’ within 'DC', and their personal usage of the term ‘Doctor’, does not mean that they are properly qualified, nationally registered and 'hands-on' prepared plus updated as medical practitioners in the UK.  Many states within the US grant chiropractors a higher status.  There, chiropractors receive direct medical patient and insurance client referrals, thus the general public feel that chiropractors can be a first port of call (as chiropractors also encourage us to make them our first port of call here in the UK too), yet this can have other and very serious ramifications:  As with the mother in Salt Lake City who was unsure about her daughter feeling unwell with a stiff neck so took her for a chiropractic consultation, only to lose her through speedy meningitis deterioration with doctors saying she ought to have obtained *medical* help.  This very sad case alone illustrates an urgent need for transparency and clearly defined regulation.


Here too;- 



What 'DC' does mean is that the individual chiropractor is free to treat as he/she feels like on the day, without being checked (and without being medically accountable) because they have attained course passes via an independent (often non-UK) training college where they practiced their tugs and 'clicks' on each other, occasionally to the extent of gaining life long problems or maybe putting some poor student in hospital. (Madness or what?) Check this out;-


Chiropractors might thus be monetarily challenged by their ‘training’ debts, or be attempting to gain independence by practicing within a franchise - this giving them inflated senses of importance and security through being backed by a powerfully pervasive medico-legal calling. These franchises are businesses - money making enterprises - not places where patient care is the first priority - so how could anyone expect to be able to prove negligence if hurt after freely accepting such non-medical treatment? We see it every week in the Courts, big money makes claiming and prosecutions unattainable, so don't imagine, even for one moment, that you will automatically win what looks like a genuine case for proven injury compensation because you are obliged to prove negligence. When Joe public must try to recover health, whilst attempting to keep control of his life and bills, he cannot fight the big money barristers and doctors who refuse to report truthfullyso that they do not become legally involved, thus they end up being left to suffer denial and *real world* injustice, both legal and medical. See;-


Chiropractors do not warn patients about this documented history of serious injuries, thus they willfully conceal the notable on-going risk directly relatable to their ‘treatments’. 'Treatments' which have already hurt patients, or have permanently disabled them with unimaginable suffering, or have caused them fatal injury.  'Treatments' which, at this very moment, are being practiced somewhere in our World.
By not mentioning and not publishing the real outcomes of chiropractic ‘treatment’ for everyone who has suffered, been injured, or died, chiropractors knowingly tout incorrect "million to one" statistics and continue to expose members of the public to the very many known chances for manipulation induced injury already medically reported as being risky or dangerous!

!!!...I was not aware of any of this before I was injured by a chiropractor, and I would not have gone anywhere near one had I known...!!!

Chiropractors would have us believing their treatment is entirely natural, non-invasive and safe. Yet their manipulations can, and do, damage soft tissues and bones, e.g. internal sprains, tears, severances, nerve entrapment, impairment or complete loss of specific nerve functions, critically serious internal bleeding, strokes, TIAs, dislodgement of spurs, fractures, CSF leaks, paralysis, impairment of eyesight/hearing/cognitive brain function, co-ordination and more.
Also PAIN; unimaginable post manipulation pains, headaches and burning hurts with irreversible loss of joint functions and capabilities, often new joint movement clicks which were not there before and occasionally lifelong deficits.
Sadly, and especially before they visit a chiropractor, most members of the public fail to realise (because it is so rarely stated), that the 'treatment' about to be administered can have internal actions akin to the effects of someone undergoing internal medical surgery - only at the hands of a chiropractic operator who cannot see through the skin or actually feel internal tissues in order that he or she might know exactly what they are doing - and all this before the chiropractor immediately sends their anatomically modified subjects back into the outside world.
Records show that too many people end up suffering from the same 'treatment' induced injuries, caused by the same type of 'treatment' activity, no matter what had been the original presenting problems!

(Of course similarly sad outcomes could arise from medical surgery, but then surgery would normally be an essential final resort after exploring all other options. Also surgery does not take place until after all of the expected risks and possible future side effects have been explained, and the patient has formally acknowledged their understanding of these risks via a formal written consent to proceed. Additionally, surgeons manage real-life progress by actually seeing what their hands are doing to their anaesthetized patients, before the patients are then observed by trained nursing staff to watch out for subsequent signs and symptoms relating to shock, internal bleeding or unexpected complications.)

Chiropractors do not anaesthetize; they instruct their patients to 'Relax'.
But what if their patient cannot relax because they are nervous, or, their body unavoidably makes some entirely natural internal involuntary response, and the chiropractor applies his/her most un-natural forces their anatomy just the same?
!!!...Well, this is where the chiropractor does not, because they cannot, have any real clues as to what damage they might cause before they actually do so...!!!
They might have been intending to flex a particular joint but their hands are no-where near it, so they are not monitoring the point of intended action and they really cannot know whether the joint they are trying to flex has become momentarily tight or not. When muscles are tight (maybe spasmed by prior chiropractic treatment) there is then a transfer of chiropractic impact straight into bone anchored ligaments and tendons, or soft tissues like blood vessels.
!!!...Then it is 'Bam' - something gives - something is broken, crushed or torn - and the patient is INJURED...!!!
Most times the patient will not feel anything right away, but they are most definitely heading for subsequent signs and symptoms relating to internal injury, like shock, internal bleeding or newly unavoidable unexpected complications;  only here with chiropractic there are no medically qualified nurses to check their condition before they leave, and most definitely none to monitor them during the next twenty-four hours when there is greatest risk of them heading for a score of 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale.  Also there is no one to explain the new aches, pains and 'treatment' induced conditions (some seemingly unrelated) which can develop during the following days and weeks when the irreversible effects of chiropractor damaged tissues are eventually noticed.

Chiropractors cannot directly avail themselves of your existing medical records, (and frankly the thought that they might be able to via the new NHS computer system horrifies me) thus they really cannot have any meaningful idea of pre-existing or contra-indicatory conditions before they start 'treating' youThey will adapt their 'treatment' ideology to suit all, and administer it quickly in order to maximize income. (The chiropractor who injured me so badly once went between myself and another 'patient' in an adjoining room treating us alternately, and he had started with me first!) Chiropractors might ask about illnesses and injuries etc., but that means the patient receives non GP-referred 'treatment' based upon the patients own possibly incorrect or confused or pain influenced answers;  ie.  answers from a patient who is not medically qualified to advise of prior problems and potential risks for the 'treatment' they are about to receive, *but as yet know nothing about anyway*!

Chiropractors suggest that their 'treatments' can help you without them first covering all of the other available options and medically correct treatments which might genuinely be in your real best interests.  Indeed this alone is dangerous in its own right because you might believe the chiropractor is looking after you, whilst s/he might not have a clue what is really wrong, and you could be deteriorating due to a lack of some entirely different but vitally necessary medical treatment.  Many other non-spinal medical conditions can give you a bad back or sore neck!  Soon after being injured I found (was stated) that doctors did not want to get involved, so I went to see a third chiropractor to see if he could give me some clues as to exactly what the first guys had done to me.  This chap saw I had problems and was suffering pain.  He took lots of notes, suggested I complain to the BCA and said he would treat me for free!  However he did not take any fresh X-rays (he dare not make a visual image of chiropractic injury) as had become so necessary before he touched me, and he should not have given me neck/jaw exercises to do.  Nor should he have physically massaged and pressed on my obviously spasmed and newly mis-shapen neck because neither he, I, nor the doctors knew at that time exactly what my injuries were.  This chiropractor also avoided answering my questions when I asked what what he was attempting to treat me for;  in other words he outright refused to tell me what he could see was wrong when I asked about my excruciating within-head and neck pains or I showed him this or that problem, like my throat being out of shape on the left side so that my swallow and voice were(are) both affected.  This man might well have not injured me had I attended him first place, but I could not continue accepting his equally *negligent* 'treatment' whilst suffering with such excruciating undiagnosed injuries.

Once you have passed beyond a chiropractor's Reception area you become part of *their* best interests, and you will be charmed through the appointment regimen they have refined in order to most effectively ease maximum cash out of you.
They will not tell you that every human body comes complete with its own innate and powerful healing reserves, so that on those occasions when natural recovery or improvement would take place anyway, you might end up concluding it was they who were instrumental in that recovery.  Nor will they tell you how - stretching exercises, hot/cold treatments, adjustment of life stresses, careful lifting, general exercise and diet - can *alone* improve your situation until *after* they have started their 'treatment' regimen, because if they managed their patients in the same way that the properly qualified physiotherapists do, they would then be unable to charge you for the diagnostic tests they say you need followed by frequent 'magical' shoves, jerks and tugs at your spinal column. Unless you are very seriously injured, these other common sense activities are most likely to be your best first approach, NOT an immediate submission to forceful joint 'adjustments' in places like the neck where nothing was known to have been previously troublesome in the first place!

Chiropractors pull on and jerk the head to treat the neck, and they unwittingly suck you into an acceptance of this 'treatment' by stating that it is an essential part of their 'whole spine' management which they claim you need for your (any) problem. They knowingly and deliberately over-extend critical base of skull to C3 soft tissues in order to elicit cervical joint CLICKS as proof of 'treatment' for their unexplained diagnosis of joint subluxations which do not show on X-rays;  yet ordinary members of the public have not got a clue as to how many painful and debilitating conditions could potentially develop due to pharyngeal, base of skull and occipito-cervical related soft tissue injuries.

???...WHAT...??? !!!...THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS...!!!!

And it is because of this joint clicking trickery that they willfully ignore an essential need for a total integrity of ALL soft tissues between the base of the skull and C3.
The occiput to C1 and C2, C1 to C2, and then C2 to C3 are complex joints unlike others in the spine because the skull is correctly held in place with respect to the C1 and C2 solely by ligaments and tendons plus muscle. These joints are ultra flexible and thus NOT protectively interlocked against any chiropractor's unilateral and high impact angular hyperextensions to one side or other; hence chiropractic 'treatment' places ALL related soft tissues, esp. carotid and vertebral arteries plus fragile sinus and petrous bones at critical risk. Get injured here and no surgeon will want to become involved with re-threading through the complex interweave of blood vessels, glands, ligaments, lymphatics, muscles and nerves, or the re-setting internal fractures unless the codition has become life threatening, as with a stroke, because if you become a 'walking wounded' the risks of surgery will be so much greater than the risk of monitoring for deterioration;  ie. of doing nothing!
In short - if something is damaged between your brain and your shoulders, you could die or become seriously injured/disabled and thus disadvantaged for the rest of your life; and if any ligaments or tendons are snapped you will NEVER have the same range of head movements again because you will experience movement induced pains plus spasms due to incorrect posture and the entrapment of nerves.

Between individuals there are widely varying and indefinite limits for musculo-skeletal and membraneous strengths against oblique impacts induced by chiropractors, thus you could find yourself developing long term head pull induced head-aches, ear-aches, deeply seated pains and nausea which will prevent you from resting and living normally, and which could introduce so much body and life stress that you cannot work; this with potential for the ruination of individual and family relationships and any forward life planning.
Also, if chiropractic jerking procedures are too frequently administered to any part of the body as aligned in the grossly abnormal chiropractic positions, ie. where impacts are *not* borne and absorbed by the natural load bearing musculo-skeletal human form, these oblique impacts additionally not only place related ligaments, tendons and spinal discs at an elevated risk for 'treatment' induced over-stretching or tearing and *bulging into or impinging the spinal cord or cranial nerve bundles*, but bones at an elevated risk for stress induced fracturing !!!  Severed ligaments and tendons cannot heal - they retract and resorb (as within me).  Joints can become permanently and disablingly misaligned, whilst any previously attached muscles can become permanently swollen and totally dissociated tissue masses which cause loss of or abnormal articulation with irreversible boundary pressures and tensions upon blood vessels and nerves (as within me).  Such injuries, though painful and life limiting are seldom life threatening, so consultants would prefer to not become involved due to surgical repair being deemed unnecessarily risky.  Doctors often leave bone fractures to heal naturally, but that does not mean that they will, especially if the fracture is close to the tendon insertions of powerful muscles and the bones are not physically restrained from moving.  There ought not be any ASSUMPTIONS made in relation to medicine, and yet this is why I still suffer to this day.  Doctors 'knowingly' (see X-rays) allowed the chiropractor induced fracturing of the base of my skull to heal incorrectly, this causing me to suffer from misaligned fusing where new bone could not bridge all gaps, plus resorbtion at points of constant unrestrained movement.  Now they will neither image this, nor report it !


Additionally, I suggest this ban should apply to ALL manipulators who manually pull upon the head to 'treat' the neck; this including osteopaths and registered physiotherapists. The only correct way of applying, studying and understanding the therapeutic effects of any tensions being exerted, is via the use of regularly calibrated mechanical Traction arrangements, not any suddenly applied force which could hyperextend, and not repeated as with chiropractic where daily or even thrice weekly oblique forces could lead to stress fracturing.

Chiropractors might well tell you that any new aches or problems caused by their treatment can be a not unknown occasional discomfort or bad reaction as your body readjusts and realigns itself as they intend, though of course you cannot know how common their ‘occasional’ is because there have never been any records compiled by our chiropractor 'treated' public related to treatment reactions, and it is we the public who should be compiling these results because the chiropractors themselves are in very long established denial and cannot be trusted with valid patient record taking anyway. (The man who hurt me wrote his notes in pencil!)
Should you develop any new aches or pains chiropractors aim to keep you suckered-in under their watchful eyes with some palliative and possibly more seriously inappropriate ‘treatment’, also they will not take any additional X-rays as might be essential for examining any new condition they themselves have caused, because the revelation of additional problems would then not be in *their* best interests!
(Also don’t be surprised if, after you have been hurt or injured, you eventually hear apologies for your original chiropractic X-rays having become inexplicably ‘lost’.)

Chiropractors neither assist with genuine suggestions for, nor volunteer any payments in relation to, investigative medical treatment regarding any new injuries they might have caused.
Hey, how many times do I now read, as happened with me, they try to 'cure' the problems they caused by giving more of the same 'treatment' via which they caused them in the first place?  In other words they exacerbate, or render chronic, an injury condition which might have settled tolerably if they had genuinely acted in their patient's best interests by doing nothing and letting problems stabilize; ie. stopped trying to make their concerned patient's (spasmed) neck generate more of the 'magical' CLICKS they so keenly elicit.
(Spasmed joints will not - because they cannot - CLICK;  something else gives way!)
Sadly there really are chiropractors who either do not know any better or simply do not genuinely care at all about their patients because income is their only aim, and you have no way of knowing in advance whether this is the type you are attending. By the time you 'find out' it might be too late, and if injured you need to realize that you have no chance of being given sensible advice or treatment in relation to your own best health-care interests.

!!!...NEVER return to a chiropractor thinking that he or she can 'undo' a manipulation that has caused you new pains and symptoms - they can't - they will make you worse;
this being the second mistake which I (and so many others) regretfully made...!!!

Chiropractors will always continue acting in *their* own best interests after they injure you, and as long as you are capable of leaving their premises, which of course you will naturally be determined to do after injury in order to seek properly qualified help, they will not need to suggest the possibility that you might need to see a doctor because you are no longer there, and when you are not there, you are out of their hair!
Once you are hurt though, it is already too late, and getting back to the way you had been before treatment will most likely prove *impossible*. Any newly necessary medical costs and subsequent life disruption caused by their chiropractic 'treatment' then become YOUR own personal monetary responsibility and capability burden - whilst the chiropractic advertising web continuously ensnares new hopefuls, who in their turn might suffer similarly!

Based upon my own personal (ruined life) experiences and more recent Internet reading, my advice would be that it is far too risky for anyone to be ‘treated’ by someone who is not state-medical registered. I would further suggest to anyone already attending a manipulator who has not yet gained formal national qualifications in physiotherapy, that they should immediately *cancel* all future appointments.
You should owe this decision to yourself, after-all, and even though you might have forward planned appointments, you are not obliged to attend chiropractors, and you will not be doing the best you can for yourself (and your family) if you fail to avoid potential injury at the hands of a non-physiotherapy registered practitioner.
Indeed, if you are already attending a manipulator it is most unlikely you have a related pre-existing life threatening condition, so why increase your risks of getting one?

Some chiropractors with good practice records are likely to be very annoyed with me for running this website and for exposing known problems; so to them I ask; -
If these injuries are as rare as you claim, then why does chiropractic *never* help the *so few* injured patients with their medical treatment?
Also, why is it that you expect injured parties to go through the Courts (which you know very well is most likely to fail) before you strike from your registers every one of your kind who has ever harmed a member of the public?
Well ???

Suggested answers; - because the costs for treatment and compensation for injury are so great that you take out insurance to cover patient claims, and you then leave any injured party to struggle on alone to then prove liability (impossible?) because you don't want them to claim and increase your premiums! 
Also, no chiropractor will ever speak out against another chiropractor no matter how bad they are.
In other words; the 'chiropractic profession' is so much more important to chiropractors, than is the continuing well being of any individual patient they might manipulate !!!
Additionally, you chiropractors have given yourselves a veneer of respectability by running your own version of a 'professional regulation' body, the UK's GCC, which, by its institutional acceptance, has effectively presented you with an official voice to rebuff common sense fundamentals in relation to public health and safety via your use of carefully crafted reports and statistics, these being compiled via sponsored or chiropractic 'friendly' co-operation in a manner which indicates a total disregard for learned medical understanding.

This is why I suggest to everybody, that no matter how frustrating or painful the wait, it would be much more sensible to suffer until a GP approved appointment can be arranged with a state qualified physiotherapist, than it is to risk being injured at the hands of some quack who can simply move away with their profits when the complaints and claims start coming in.
In other words, if you are not so bad as needing to visit A+E then wait until your case can be properly referred to someone having all appropriate and necessary medical qualifications, because if you are injured by a chiropractor then those same qualified medical circles are where you are going to end up anyway, only with the NHS and insurance companies then so unfairly being left to pick up the tab !
And DO watch out for those chiropractors who claim to have physiotherapy qualifications; they might have attained college class study certificates, but they are not likely to have attained full professional physiotherapy qualifications, and thus they would not be properly *NHS registered* to practice physiotherapy.

Also, be on guard against any manipulator (including osteopaths and registered physiotherapists) who suggest that you are in need of, or they will 'try', 'traction'.  They are likely to mean 'manual traction' which yet again means a pulling of the head, only here against inestimatable variables relating body weight limiting friction of different clothes against their treatment couch, and probably with a straight neck, which can still hyperextend longitudinal ligaments within the spine and thus subsequently allow discs to bulge into the spinal column and the head to fall forwards at a prematurely aged angle from which there can be NO recovery !!!  Chiropractors are not the only manipulators who injure patients, and thus you should refuse *ALL* manual head tugging unless it is mechanically applied via calibrated Traction equipment, with detailed written records being formally made in ink !!!

Did you ever see a non-physiotherapy qualified chiropractor running on to a professional sports field to treat an injured team member? No? Then would it not be wise to value your own life and mobility as much as the sports stars you support?
Also note, that just because a chiropractic 'clinic' has been there for years, this does not guarantee that those working inside on any day have long proven and safe records of practice!

I thought I was doing the very best I could for myself when I walked into my local chiropractic back health clinic seeking immediate access to what I though was specialized help and treatment;
it turned out to be the biggest mistake I could ever have made in this life. Chiropractic has robbed my entire family of so very much that had been planned for their lives as well as mine, and thus I say -

" The biggest mistakes are made by those who make assumptions! " 

Graham Maynard.

20th Dec 2006 -- This is not a commercial Website ...