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This website may also be shared by anyone who has been injured by chiropractors and other manipulators.  Each may have a page to enter their own radiographic imagery and notes relating to signs and symptoms of injury;  with or without an accompanying story.

Thus GMweb1 is offered as a repository for the radiology imagery of those who have been hurt and injured.  Anyone who is still suffering without adequate 'medical diagnosis' and necessary explanation might thus be afforded an opportunity for independent opinion through a shared and more widespread study of their existing scans and X-rays, though do please note that doctors' and hospital names cannot be published.

Where any feedback is without signature, I have retained a copy of my authorisation to publish the words presented, thus acceding to individual requests that the writers anonymity be respected.  This can arise where comments might cause embarrassment amongst friends, or within professional circles.

# 1;

To: Graham Maynard;

You did a great job of being politically correct and very sincere about staying away from chiropractors.

Here is why what you are doing is important. Today, chiropractors are moving further and further into quackery and the unknowing public is being taken advantage of. Chiropractors have been making this shift since insurance companies have decreased reimbursements.

One thing I noticed while I was a chiropractor is the large amount of consulting firms which train chiropractors how to make as much money as possible. This is scary - chiros should be concentrating on getting people out of pain in a safe manner. The consulting firm based chiros will "rack and crack" anyone they can get their hands on.

Please keep up the good work!

# 2;

Hi Graham

It's good to know there are other sane people in the world interested in taking this pseudo-profession, this debacle of a system, clear out of human health care existence.

Sorry you were injured, hope you recover fully. Thank you for making your website.

All the best. :)

# 3;

Hi Graham,

I went to chiropractic college for a couple of years.
The first adjustment I saw in Clinic the guy turned white and threw up.
They were prepared for this and said it was necessary for someone to "retrace" to get better.
"All part of getting better."

I never got adjusted after that.
I never betrayed the people who trusted in me one time, but the gig was up for me and I got out.

A long story short it caused a lot of pain.
It has been many years, but the facts are against these people.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


# 4;

Check this out (by Graham Maynard)

First they took my money.
Then they injured me.
A UK claim not possible.
Eventually I go on the internet.
Some chiropractors insult me - not shown here.
But take a look at this -

There is always going to be more than one opinion or version relating to any condition or story without anyone needing to be called a LIAR, hence this website - because 


Truths can always be established (eventually), so do be careful with your placement of life-health trust into the hands of others !!!