NEVER let *anyone* pull or jerk your head in order to *treat* your neck.

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MEDICAL  reports relating to the harm of children, permanent injuries, paralysis and even the death of many patients following manipulation treatments have already been documented around the World.  Yet they keep on happening, and some notably serious injuries allegedly caused by Chiropractors give rise to specific challenges and questions relating to health and safety aspects of their repeatedly administered joint 'adjustment' procedures. 




Compensation claims for personal losses experienced by those who sustain injury at the 'hands' of Chiropractic tend to be unsuccessful because either medical doctors actively avoid becoming legally involved, or, proof of negligence cannot be legally established.  Hence formal reports of many 'treatment' induced injuries simply do not make it into the public domain, and they do not become recorded as relevant occurrences within the statistical percentages published by risk assessment investigators either! 




Quite literally, if  you allow yourself to become injured, then like most of us who already have been (through not having prior knowledge of the risks we were subjecting ourselves to), not only could you end up struggling to cope on your own with some most undesirable outcomes, but close family could also become disadvantaged by your injury.  In my case - simply because I went to a Chiropractor to obtain what I had heard was the best treatment for help with a 'bad back'.




So whilst you can end up having an appearance suggesting fitness and health, you can also end up living through bad internal pains and debilitating symptoms, whilst additionally experiencing a significantly limited lifestyle compared to the one you had previously enjoyed ..... and all of this whilst the unknowing World moves busily on. 




The Public has a right to know about every risk associated with Chiropractic manipulation.


Notes taken at the time list 43 manual Chiropractic tugs to my head during 1993 which were supposedly part of my necessary full spine 'treatment'.  These went from innocuous to body shaking within a short period, the last of which (when the Chiropractor could not get my strong and healthy neck to 'click') caused me some very serious injuries - complex skull fracturing from above my neck to still unresolved regions behind my nose,  around my pituitary and inside my left ear (click each underline).  After the initial fracture injury, my intra-cranial and sphenoid region haemorrhages became calcified and started resorbing, however my dislodged left styloid still floats amongst ligaments, muscles and nerves behind my jaw, thus often entrapping and pinching my left carotid artery.




I have irreparably torn pharyngeal plus head-neck and cranio-spinal tissues and much - more relating to separated cranial bones which were rendered permanently incapable of healing naturally, and so *still have not*.  Thus there is on-going internal movement, with daily inflammation pressures, repeat infections and sensations within my skull where there ought not be any. I'm regularly incapacitated by unbelievable pains, repeat TIAs and sense numbing cranial neuralgias, thus I simply cannot escape from the life draining and gnawing presence of these injuries.




As revealed, the left half of my throat and pharyngo-basilar region became permanently damaged leaving everyday left eye, talking, balance/walking and left arm related muscle movements pulling against important cranial soft tissues deep inside my head, this due to the bony structures no longer soundly locating muscle-tendon insertions and laryngeal ligaments.




I end up suffering hellishly unless I talk as little as possible and move extremely carefully;  normally I'm reduced to reading, studying or looking out of the window at a normal life I cannot freely share.  Anyone who does not have this very rare kind of head injury simply cannot begin to understand how pain surges and intra-cranial pressures impinge upon every aspect of life and behaviour;  thus normal folk simply cannot realise how lucky they are to be able to enjoy the life they already take for 'natural' granted, which is why I write this page.




So I have had to re-learn walking (looking chin downwards) in a manner where I wilfully let myself wobble (drunk like) for fear of allowing the involuntary reactions of balance muscles to induce overpowering intra-cranial pains which could make me suddenly fall (again).  Running and bike activities might be just two of many things I did, though cannot any longer do, but hey, at least the on-going and sense numbing pains which accompany the satisfaction of what little bit at a time I do manage to achieve, serve as a constant reminder that I really am so very lucky to still be alive




One June 2000 scan (*7* years after injury) is now on YouTube.  Look at the shattered left sphenoid-clinoid structures between my nose and pituitary and ask yourself what it is (when so obviously no longer sound bone) that my left eye-neck-throat-laryngeal (talk-laugh-swallow etc.) muscles now pull against, and which I must now consciously guard against using; unless essential !  See;-  (more to be uploaded).













So this webpage is also my real medical file, not the bloated (costly) one lodged in my local Health Centre and on NHS computers; a file that devalues the efforts of all genuinely good Health/ Medical related personnel.  The following black text section relates to Radiologists, and the way in which they as a Professional group rarely report Chiropractic injury (in the US as well as here in the UK), so the following black text relates to Radiology.  Skip to the next blue text section if you wish to concentrate to Chiropractic issues.





The Medical Specialists/ Radiologists my GP referred me to would not provide any clinically necessary fracture X-ray imagery and truthful reporting until 3+ years after my injury;  ie. after my attempt to obtain compensation for injury had run out of time.  Either I could not get the scans I needed;  or the Radiologists failed to correctly report the *obvious* major injuries my scans did reveal;  or Radiology examinations of my head 'disappeared' after being deemed unnecessary to retain ! 




*Officially* I was not injured, and *officially* there is still nothing wrong with my skull!




Thus from that last day I attended Chiropractic to this present, my (still unhealed) cranial fractures have remained ever painfully - ! UNTREATED !




Please understand I really do not have any pleasure in stating this, but the 'Professionally' maintained silence I have experienced and witnessed has ensured a knowing denial of the clinically necessary medical treatment which was not only essential for my health and any possibility of optimum recovery, but also for the maintenance of my ability to continue working.  This denial became established because my individual health priorities could not be acceded to by Doctors whose peer based priorities were to ensure that there could not be any Court Proceedings against Chiropractors for my original injury, nor thereafter for any possible claim of deterioration due to the continuing Medical denial and cover-up by those who write the evidential reports !




In other words, there could never be any revelation of injury aspects (which truthfully could not have been sustained in any way other than by oblique pulling of my head with respect to my body, as via the Chiropractic manipulations already illustrated on YouTube videos), nor any validation for my subsequent deterioration being the result of skeletal muscles repeatedly grinding away at untreated internal fractures and therefore acting on vital soft cranial tissues.




Via this withholding of Radiological diagnosis process I was effectively condemned to steadily increased suffering and physical deterioration with exacerbating cranial injury, instead of me being helped by the Medical Doctors we can all normally rely upon in more usual injury circumstances. 




Even injured battlefield enemy combatants get better treatment than I have!




My complaints of increasingly extreme left eye, facial, nasal, ear and within head related pains, repeat nausea, temporary neurological and vision impairments and diplopia, very serious episodes of movement induced debilitation, peripheral numbness, physical sensations of intracranial movement, odd fluid tastes and nose drips from internal seeping and inflammations, my obviously distorted throat with only right half normal swallow reflex and voice box function, repeat bleeding from the roof of my mouth etc., all of these became stated signs and symptoms the Medical Doctors were obliged to IGNORE *because the Radiologists always reported my head scans as showing "no abnormality" with no need for any Medical treatment*.




Actually, my suffering became medically reported upon as if I had a psychological "fixation" about my floating, but *officially normal* left styloid, and after about one year it was suggested that I needed to see a Psychiatrist as medical treatment for my extreme within head pains. 




So when exactly - I wonder - did the qualifications of Psychiatrists allow them to treat diplopia and a bleeding soft palate ?




In spite of me knowing that my cranium was (and still is) steadily deteriorating I simply could not obtain the help I needed because not only were my scans not being properly reported, but a second opinion handled by the same Senior Radiologist whom I had trusted to send my list of concerns with some images as shown here became informally handled!!!  Radiologists know every 'cover-up' trick in the book - eg. a promise to forward disc copies from the original hospital archive, become an non-reporting look at unknown selections of film imagery forwarded *without my questions*. 




Hence Radiologists knowingly left me to suffer and to deteriorate without treatment !




Now the films shown here - did not - and still do not - because they simply cannot - misrepresent actuality, and the TRUTH.  They show not only the predicament Chiropractic had left me in, but also how mainstream fee charging Medical Doctors could, and still can, end up repeatedly *ignoring* injured patient suffering and pleas for help, thereby 'Professionally' denying my decent, previously productive, hard working, and entirely honest being (the same applies to others injured by Chiropractors, not me alone) not only the provision of necessary Medical treatment, but also the provision of clinically correct Medical records!




The Radiologists directly involved with my case have had so many opportunities to make corrections (letters retained), yet they AND the Royal College of Radiologists respond as if Radiology reports reported against *my name* have nothing to do with them.



They suggest that the Hospitals and Trusts were responsible, and remain so!



How ridiculous can this become ? 



NO!  The Hospital and Trust managements were not, and are not, *responsible*! 



Hospital and Trust managements neither read X-rays, nor write the Medical reports!




Thus I am now obliged to show copies of these radiology images to every doctor I see in order to ensure that my medical treatment does not become incorrectly based upon my Radiology Service corrupted NHS Medical File.  Some specialists have asked me who had stated that my skull was fractured - as if the objective proof shown in these images must remain mere hypothetical concept without the prior written subjective opinion of a Radiologist deeming factual truth as being medically permissible!  You see I have had verbal confirmation from *qualified* radiology personnel;  though of course TRUTH reported verbally cannot become entered in a Medical file outside of formal referral!




Also;  in no way was it possible that the same QUB University I attended as an electronics student had tutored different fundamentals to the Medical students who became the Radiologists reading my radiology scans and imagery.  Hence this was and remains, an outright dishonesty maintained by the very experts I was and still am obliged to attend, be expected to trust, and in whom I should unconditionally be able to respectfully rely upon.  Those Radiologists knew that no GP could overcome the influence their reports would have upon the opinion of other specialists who are not allowed to independently report or treat directly from X-ray imagery etc. they do not formally report.




Regardless of age or position, there are few less trustworthy anywhere than those who deliberately bear false witness in order to influence wider opinion;  so maybe it is the UK's Royal College of Radiology itself I should be complaining about?  See their aim no.5




Why do Radiologists attempt to deny the obvious existence of my head injuries?  




You see, all those who have been permanently injured by Chiropractors during the last 15 years, or who sadly died as a result of Chiropractic 'treatment' after I was injured, might have been spared - IF - the cause of my quite specific 'oblique head pull' induced type of injuries had not been concealed by Medical Radiologists.  



Not all of those other victims might have lost the good lives they once enjoyed through effectively being denied an opportunity to freely consider already known information about others who had previously been badly injured, or who had died before they themselves had consented to head jerking 'treatment'. 



Effectively, every one of those who became injured had been Professionally prevented from making a properly informed personal decision about whether to accept Chiropractic 'treatment' or not.



Click here




Thus what happened to me via this Medical cover-up remains at the very root of the situation whereby other inadequately informed citizens are to this very day still being badly hurt (click) and charged for manually applied Chiropractic 'treatments' having neither genuine Medical nor Scientific proof of long term efficacy.



New patients entering Chiropractic portals simply do not realise that they too could end up losing their own free-living independence as a direct result.  So often those who attend Chiropractors do not get to hear of the risks involved, whilst the Chiropractors themselves do not inform them about the true significance and known dangers when they attend, and especially not prior to every individual manipulation 'treatment' they administer.




So often those who find themselves within an injured body after attending for Chiropractic treatment find out only after it is too late - and they regretfully realise that no one can turn  their  clocks back for them !




Of course Chiropractors (and Medical Doctors) are already well aware of injuries and suffering reported after Chiropractic manipulation - as already published - only these Professionally maintain a deathly silence about it !




Hence it was only via the Internet that I, and others like me, came to hear about so many more folk who report being injured by Chiropractors, and many more who - as I - simply could not obtain either full injury disclosure or appropriate medical treatment, which of course meant that they too could not obtain compensation for their genuine lifetime losses, nor see their cases recorded within the lists of *treatment related statistics*.




Thus this website becomes doubly important for WARNING not only about the risks for sustaining serious injury, but also about the life threatening and most unpleasant experience of finding yourself on the 'wrong side of Professional Medicine', with all of the legal and socially related consequences arising - whether you had medical insurance or not !



And all this because you thought you were doing the very best you could for your future health by placing yourself in the hands of 'highly qualified experts' ?




Actually my JRSM link on the 'News' page points to a recent formal investigation suggesting that manipulation treatment (whether low force or high impact) simply does NOT shorten typically presenting 'bad back' or 'car crash' etc. recovery times, and suggests that manipulation itself places patients at risk for increased suffering which could not arise via conservative GP advice and prescription. 



( I quite agree, and not least of all because of the frightening worries the Chiropractor instilled within me regarding how 'serious' my initial lower back problem might have been!)








Chiropractors still claim that their 100 year old Chiropractic methodologies are safe?



Yet they often physically jerk (do read the public Comment thread with that video;  also here about a more forceful 'treatment' video which was removed) as they manually apply forces to patient's heads at un-naturally oblique tissue straining angles, this with a deliberate intention of creating localised radial, tangential, torque or vector force exertion by unilaterally tensioning one front/side of their patient's neck ligaments against the much stronger thoracic spine. 



When my head was jerked however, it was not my fit neck which became 'adjusted', but the base of my skull eventually giving way to the steadily increasing Chiropractic manipulation forces.




Chiropractic's high impact jerks are intended to supposedly 'correct' the angular or axial alignment of some particular neck vertebra with respect to the skull or other vertebrae (with click, crack or crunching noises as 'proof of treatment'), yet this jerking cannot fail to simultaneously introduce additional risk for setting up coincidental shear, rotation and scissoring motion between bones, ligaments and tendons (hope you have been clicking all of the underlined links), plus a compression to tension gradient centred on the flexed spinal axis causing a cascade of stresses and forces acting upon bones, joints, ligaments and soft tissues, including arteries, in most unnatural ways that our anatomy never needed us to be prepared for.




Then Chiropractors often have the cheek to blame any injuries they are alleged to cause as if these are the result of pre-existing conditions or weaknesses, and they make unfounded claims that the patient would have suffered anyway:  Oh yes - like having a critical stroke 'out of the blue' caused by dissected neck arteries whilst driving down the road away from their office ?




They reassure patients by using a plastic model of a spine to show patients where they believe any vertebral mis-alignment or neck 'subluxation' problems are supposed to be, but significantly the models they use are missing the vital arterial equivalents which can be seen passing through plastic vertebrae and looping upwards into the base of the skull on the models used by other cranio-spinal specialists.  Thus the type of model spine used by Chiropractors to illustrate their treatment *precludes mention of neck arteries*, and notably fails to reveal how a patient's blood vessels could become damaged by their type of highly oblique head jerking manipulations;  ie. how some of their real world Chiropractic patients have already died (see references above), or how the conscious being of those who went on to develop strokes become irreversibly trapped within brain-stem injured paraplegic bodies. 




This is a horrendous situation!




When so many other 'ages old' or new approaches to pain and joint relief are today available, we must never forget those who went before and proved (by unwittingly becoming *kill or cure* or *ruined life* victims of this outmoded empirical method) that Chiropractic head-jerking 'treatment' of the neck simply cannot satisfy the medical 'DO NO HARM' fundamental. 



These head jerking procedures which Chiropractic continues to encompass  MUST  be outlawed as soon as is possible, for until they stop, and no matter how well 'educated' or how well mannered and presentable any Chiropractor, then Chiropractic itself cannot be recommended as being safe and recommendable.




By way of a conspicuous warning to potential patients who are so unaware relating to the risky nature of 'treatment' which Chiropractors might well claim to be absolutely essential as based upon *their* 'opinion' of X-ray images and physical examination, even though these Chiropractors are usually neither Medically Qualified nor UK Registered to report head-neck X-rays in relation to cranio-spinal neurology or the provision of any Physical Therapy, this website shows images of injuries sustained.



X-rays visualise what is (or was) real, and thereby they reveal the TRUTH; so here are some post Chiropractic radiology images for open medical study and discussion.  Manipulation induced injuries can end up covering many specialities without any one doctor alone being able to help;  this means - medically expensive!



And yes, I was indeed X-rayed by the chiropractor too, with both my head and neck looking good for my age, yet I was still told that I needed treatment for a condition which did not show up on an X-rays ?! 



Later, when it came to attempted legal proceedings, not only was it discovered that my treatment notes had been written in pencil, but somehow my original good X-rays became 'lost'.




Do you know that after Chiropractic treatment, if anyone becomes nauseous, or has eye-ear-throat related disturbances, develops headaches, feels as if strangled, are neck pained with stiffness, have pains or tingles or numbness from body regions where they did not experience any before etc., the chiropractors might tell them not to worry because these are merely "not uncommon reactions to treatment" and that they should get better ?  The same is even stated on our NHSTA (click) website for dear sake !!! 



Even a First-Aider will tell you that these could be the symptoms for potential health threatening injury, and of course hopefully the patient is not already badly hurt, but if they delay in seeking Medical advice (click) they might go on to develop serious and permanent outcome. 



Just because a chiropractor is observing a patient's condition when they visit, this does not mean to say that s/he knows what s/he is talking about, or cares how that patient suffers at home, or whether they will ever again recover the health they had *before* s/he treated you!



*Never* let anyone pull your head to ?manipulate? your neck.




This comment applies to Physio-Therapy as well; for patients cannot experience those symptoms unless they have already suffered degeneration and/or internal head-neck related injury (whip-lash etc.) which might well be exacerbated by further manual PT 'traction' via the head.



Manual PT 'head-neck' traction is a purely anecdotally based 'we'll try this' kind of treatment which can, *and has*, made presenting patient injury worse. 



When has manually administered, thus uncalibratable, head pulling 'traction' ever medically or scientifically been proven as a valid PT treatment ?



Does not pulling the head actually stretch neck ligaments, and thus promote neck curvature with forward drooping of the head ?  




Symptomatic observations such as those listed above are the body's internal way of warning, coping, ensuring movement limitation, and, attempting to repair naturally on its own !



Thus "reaction to treatment" comments infer a positive recognition plus an understanding that the patient has already been hurt or injured.  So when signs and symptoms are off-handed by a practitioner as if being "normal" then a calculated gamble for real-world health is being made not only via a culturing of trust to instil an imagined hope within the patient, but by any Chiropractor who goes on to repeatedly conduct those same 'adjustment' procedures on other patient's anatomies! 



It is also common sense that if more of the same hurt causing 'treatment' is given, then patients are likely to suffer increased harm! 



Never go back to a chiropractor who hurt you !




My Chiropractic treatment for lumbar spasm (there had never *ever* been anything wrong with my neck before I was told that I needed 'full spine' treatment), cost not only the chiropractor's fees, but my health, my job, my ability to work and thus any possibility of me saving for old age.



After sufficient time had elapsed to ensure that medical doctors could no longer become involved with any claim for injuries, my scans eventually imaged more of the undeniable physical causes for my truly awful cranial pains and my still on-going debilitating symptomatic experiences, but by then internal bleeding had become calcified, some bones had fused incorrectly or resorbed, and thus the structural integrity of my cranium and my natural soft tissue protection against pharyngeal ingress of infection had become permanently compromised.




For me any medical intervention would likely be risky, but besides that, Doctors here are unlikely to suddenly report injuries which had been so specifically denied when consultants initially suggested that a Chiropractor simply could not break anyone's skull - as if I were making a ludicrous suggestion of possibility based upon my own interpretation of *beyond extreme pain* experiences;  like diplopia (left eye involuntarily looking down/left), nausea, repeatedly bleeding soft palate, distorted throat with odd swallow, pounding heart when inactive, sudden momentary disconnect falling, neuralgias, tinnitus, couldn't feel lower legs or feet .....




FACT IS that although ALL of my head scan reports to date state "no abnormality", this formal Medical Reporting has never been my responsibility, and thus this is quite beyond my (non-Professional) control.  Yet significantly it indicates something about those Professional Medical Radiologists we are all obliged to rely upon, because;-




!!! Via Radiology reporting to our Consultants, thence to GPs, ultimately the NHS and thus the Government, Medical Doctors are not disclosing, and thus not counting the statistical importance of  ALL INJURIES  which were known to have been  CAUSED BY CHIROPRACTORS !!!

I went from full fitness with a proud 100% attendance and employment record to being struck down by Chiropractic at only 45yrs old, since when I have become increasingly wasted through chronic/severe within-head pains and internal inflammatory pressures brought on by talking, walking or left arm movements.




**A previously active life ruined by Chiropratic's need to survive by charging for ?manipulation? of neck anatomy in a potentially dangerous manner - the supposed benefits of which have never been *objectively* substantiated!**

So, after doctors did not want to know, and a different chiropractor suggested I complain, what did the UK BCA~GCC do when  I forwarded a written statement about two Australian (one Sydney) certificated DCs who called themselves 'Doctors' at a local practice.  My complaint also included photographic support from the important and irrefutable fracture/ bleed radiology images being entered here ?



They did not do anything to reassure me !  Case 49.



I complained a second time, and they might have 're-investigated' -



but still nothing !

This entirely independent and unaccountable 'Pseudo-Professional' body exists to  >promote<
  Chiropractic's idealisms.  To convince as if credible, and to discredit the doubters or those who challenge them, even with writs for Court action. 
They are there to protect themselves, not to help injured patients, nor to directly compensate after any have been hurt by a Chiropractor !




And where now are the DCs who injured me ?    Who knows ? 



I was told one moved to Glasgow in Scotland, for after three years without any formal diagnosis of my injuries, ie. when no legal claim could remain pending due to the "no abnormality" evidence, these Chiropractors were free to ply their trade anywhere with unblemished records.



Hence they could sue *me* if I named them;  this being one of the Professional  >perks<  they could exploit via our expert witness based Courts system here in N. Ireland-UK, where no *formal* proof of injury = no injury at all!



Will the BCA~GCC sue this injured patient for stating his truth ?
Either one or both of these chiropractors might be active in your local Chiropractic 'Clinic' at this very moment !!!




Given that the BCA~GCC willfully chose to NOT safeguard public health by formally disciplining either of the chiropractors who so badly hurt me (and I was told permanently injured someone else before they moved to practice elsewhere) this website has been set up as a way of  WARNING  about the horrendous consequences which can, and already have resulted from unabated head-neck manipulation activities.




Hopefully ALL Health Trusts, our NHSTA and Medical Insurers will come to understand that the considerable additional costs for medical diagnosis and treatment of Chiropractor INDUCED injuries, on top of the losses and never ending costs for their individual victims, could be deemed beyond normally acceptable provision, and thus ensure that they do not promote same !






Chiropractic is a 'Complementary' private enterprise, (more links) and NOT a 'Primary' State Medical Health treatment, so it ought not be formally promoted by our NHSTA  as if the Chiropractors are UK Registered Consultants capable of using X-ray Equipment to provide specialised Neuro-Radiology (head-neck related) Medical opinion.



Also as if their *repeated* application of *powerful* and *abnormally oblique* forces to people's *heads* in order to 'treat' supposed "musculo-skeletal disorders of the neck", are, as is specifically stated on this NHSTA webpage, acceptable and to be expected when that high impact forcing happens;  for this is part of what the Chiropractic Profession actually does - and - how the injuries are being caused.




How can our NHSTA justifiably suggest that UK patients consider submitting to a form of physical head-neck manipulation already warned about as being possible precedence for injury and death?  (Links above.)




Also this NHSTA page is written in a way a pained (sore back/neck) patient could interpret as if Chiropractic might be a legitimate first port for call without needing to wait for a GP appointment and prior Medical examination;  i.e. as if this is a Medical recommendation over the Internet!



??? So who examines the Medical capabilities of a Chiropractor who should then be capable of diagnosing and warning about all the Medical conditions not amenable to Chiropractic 'treatment' when their patient had not first attended a GP ???



Are DC's Qualified to diagnose contra-indicative presenting Medical conditions?



NO !



Are DC's Medically Qualified to diagnose "reaction to treatment" symptoms ? 



NO !



To me that NHSTA webpage is more like 'risk promotion' than any 'validated advice'.




So I wrote directly to them complaining, and they stated that the GCC oversees Chiropractic - a reply as ludicrous to my injured self as would be allowing burglars to run our Police Stations.



Hence more UK patients could be at risk of greater suffering whilst our supposedly Health and Safety responsible NHSTA Officers do nothing.  Letter retained. 



(Anyone hurt by a Chiropractor after seeing that webpage, or who goes on to develop problems from a Medical condition not diagnosed by a Chiropractor, could possibly sue the NHSTA for damages - IF they could obtain Medical proof of injury that is!)



Has there been a blurring of qualifications and responsibilities here ?





Returning to the real problems.



If a Chiropractor's first jerk does not elicit a joint 'click', then without warning or explanation they might increase their physical assault upon unaware patients' bodies by applying very much increased forces to make the 'click' happen via a second jerk, and if that too was silent (say on a strong healthy neck) they go for a much more powerful third attempt!



This was what did it for my previously healthy head-neck anatomy, for on the last day when my neck would not 'click' - and it was the Chiropractor's wilful intention that it 'Chiropractically' should - much else multiplicably clicked, cracked, crunched, tore and snapped instead!




And now, via the Internet, I find out that this same 2nd plus 3rd sequence of silent jerks was experienced by other Chiropractor injured individuals too, though also via these same Global web-pages, we injured individuals can now speak out truthfully without information flow being blocked by Publishers who wish to remain influential, or Doctor related Professional codes, or by Medical Service maintenance of Patient Confidence.




To me it is as if Chiropractic's frequent fee charging sessions of head jerks relates to an illogical understanding that nature provided all necks as endlessly 'clickable' (chargeable), for this is what some Chiropractors appear determined to do - even to the point of persuading sufferers they should take out advance 'treatment' payment contracts - regardless of age, physical condition, presenting illness, or the fact that - 




there is a natural limit to the frequency of repeat force our ligaments, tendons, arteries, joints and bones can take !




Then incredulously, Chiropractors might do even more of the same if you complain of pains caused by their 'treatment' because similar 'treatment' appears to become used when 'treating' for everything from headache to low back spasm, and I've not yet heard of them X-raying for a second time to investigate how they have hurt someone! 




Head-neck related diagnoses should be made only by Consultants who have appropriate multi-disciplinary and Professional Medical Training plus the Hospital mentoring experience which provides them with an understanding for all of the cranio-spinal criticalities involved - NOT by head jerking and neck cracking Chiropractors who are mere academic BA, BSc graduates etc. with additional *college* course pass certificates, plus mentoring in Chiropractic presentation!




Chiropractors whose formative years were spent studying for a Doctorate in Art or Science etc., do not - because they cannot - establish the same early fundamental understandings gained by Medical students who study, practice and are weeded out by properly qualified and registered Medical Professors from High School onwards.







What is it that actually makes the cracking noises when those high impact forces are applied? 



Some tissues being ratcheted or twanged, or an induced cavity effect? OR -



Is it vital anatomy being crushed, hyper-extended, torn, snapped or fractured?




How can a Chiropractor or any patient know - - until *after* it is too late?




For example;-  AFTER a patient has had a stroke, or discovered that they have new extreme pains, or have become motionally limited by some new permanent injury.




LOL - Do Chiropractors really believe this explanation (click), in that the loud 'crack' noises are due to them releasing a bubble of gas (some say Nitrogen) within a joint? 



So they've proved this?  Gas from where?  And it goes to?



Millions of joint X-rays have been taken, anyone reported 'gas' bubbles?  




Also, don't be thinking that Medical Doctors will be able to come along afterwards and 'sort out' Chiropractic damage, for it is far too risky for surgeons to repair non-life-threatening head-neck injuries. 



Our blood vessels, ligaments, muscles and nerves are most intricately intertwined !  Damaged ligaments and tendons can cause muscles to become detached, shift or swell, and joints to articulate abnormally, thus to cause YEARS of new pain as interstitial blood vessels and nerves become trapped or pulled.  Hence the risks for exacerbating injury via surgery can far exceed the risks of doing nothing whilst a patient is carefully monitored through their increased suffering.




And then when our Medical Doctors believe they cannot help, and thus do not want to become involved or formally report all injuries, the entire general public is simultaneously placed at increased illogical and unreasonable exposure to risk.  Chiropractically induced TIAs are like mini-strokes and these too can have permanent outcome, but these are rarely (ever?) reported, thus these too are unlikely to become statistically recorded.



If Medical Doctors were to formally record ALL presenting injuries, then Chiropractors would no longer be able to proclaim and tout their presently incomplete compilations of *no proof = no injury* statistics.



Sadly, something very wrong is happening here, for had my injuries been honestly reported and their true cause been formally recognised, then others who were injured or who died after my skull was broken might have been spared their fate.




*This is a Governance problem.*




Those who cannot work due to injury can pay neither socially necessary taxes nor medical insurance premiums, and yet whilst Chiropractors discuss Chiropractic;  Doctors discuss Chiropractic;  reports are written and everyone talks about each other;  it is obfuscation which 'rules', because nothing is actually being done to debunk this 'Doctorial' sham in order to protect the Health of all our peoples.




Quite literally, new Chiropractic manipulation induced injuries arise just as surely as our clocks tick on, and yet it is usually only after being hurt that the new sufferers discover the risks for serious injury had already been well known, and published, as per links on this website.



Those hurt then categorically state that the risks for very serious injury had NOT been stated either at all, or if so then most inadequately, because if the possibilities for suffering permanent harm had been clarified beforehand, then consent would simply never have been given for the Chiropractor to proceed with any manual manipulation via their heads to 'adjust' their necks.  (Just read their comments!)




By its very nature MANIPULATION CARRIES VARIABLE RISK FOR INJURY , and not only have Chiropractors failed to warn about the very real significance of head-neck related risks, but they often claim that their treatment is natural and entirely safe.




Deliberate high impact but small movement forces applied to someone's head at 'hangman's noose' angles in order to 'adjust' vertebrae simply cannot 'adjust' without disrupting anatomy, for there could not be any noise without disruption.   Additionally, the forces applied could be especially dangerous if the patient has a momentary involuntary muscle contraction, or is not relaxed, or has some internal muscle in unpalpable spasm.




Such irresponsible and wilful failure to inform about serious and publicly stated risks has been an outright deceit not only by the Chiropractors, but also by the individual NHSTA officers upon whom we are meant to be able to rely upon for safe *Health* advice;  also by any Government who allows this head-neck 'manipulation treatment' to continue !



We are long overdue for those whom we elect and pay, and who subsequently give themselves the right to make OUR rules, to think about us - the Citizens - instead of protecting those Professionals who hurt Patients.




If only all we victims of Chiropractic could have been forewarned .....




As way of a very sad confirmation, and within 9 months of me starting this website, I heard from two other individuals who are also suffering very badly with similarly unusual chiropractic head-neck manipulation induced base of skull related injuries.



One USA; one Canada; injured in 2006 and 2007 respectively. (Plus more for 2008.)




And so - after all this time - via the Internet - I find that I am NOT the only person living through the debilitating effects of medically unreported Chiropractor injured head anatomy !    



How many others are there, or who have been inadequately diagnosed in the past?



(I believe a London Soprano suffered career ending styloid bone injury ~1992.



Seemingly hushed up.  Anyone remember?)




Both of the others listed here who were badly hurt like myself have not had their injuries formally stated either. 



In other words, the real causes for our outcomes have been neither medically nor *statistically* recorded.  



Also of note is that because our injuries were caused by 'Doctors' of Chiropractic we have not received either the proper diagnosis nor the necessary humane medical treatment our Medical Doctors would normally have granted to most other patients.





Here however, all of the attached X-ray images  (in spite of them being formally reported as revealing "no abnormality")  do not, because they cannot, MIS-REPRESENT ACTUALITY. 



So let there be no doubt about the currently *maintained* situation:-




!! Due to continuing 'Authority' based recommendations for Chiropractic (here and elsewhere), there remains risk for more members of the public to end up being badly pained - or disabled - or dead !!




But do see the other side too - Students of Chiropractic were not forewarned about the possibilities for them to experience a ruined life too! (click both) 






Me ?




Well, as I type this using only my right hand, I report being trapped within my own living nightmare, for I must struggle through repeat unseen and lonely suffering after attempting or doing almost any thing.  So yes I do manage to do somethings after I have recovered sufficiently to do so, but jobs take me ages, and the more I do in one go the worse I become.



For example, I cannot sing, shout, laugh, emote nor walk properly without suffering. 



Try to imagine those things! 



I cannot even hum along with my favourite tunes, because the half of my throat that does not work hurts like a knife through my left ear. I must swallow with my chin down and facing forwards only.  Similarly for talking, for if my chin is not down and I turn my head slightly, the left of my throat crunches, I suffer and I lose my voice.  Nor can I any longer look upwards or around like everyone else without the pains setting in; this as I discovered the first time I attempted trolley shopping with my wife, when extreme pains forced me to leave the store alone.  Even getting ready for and attending and returning from a Doctor's appointment makes me unwell !




The most gentle of footfalls boom through the left top of my head such that I must walk extremely carefully without looking around in order to not hurt myself, and I must let myself wobble as if drunk rather than allow involuntary arm/neck/throat related balancing reactions pull against the base of my skull/ throat.  Those same in-head hurts arise when travelling in any car which does not have comfy seats and the very smoothest of suspension, plus an auto transmission which smoothes out gear-change induced head jerk.




I might appear as if well, but I need to sit quietly for hours, limited to quiet watching or reading instead of being productive because daily those pharyngeal, left arm/shoulder and balance related muscle movements enfeeble me by quite literally pulling deep inside the left of my head behind my left eye-nose, which feels like I have been punched on the nose, only from the inside !  Even writing my few Christmas cards caused pain to set in to the left of my pituitary.




My voice is often affected too, then grinding in-head sensation with awful left earache becomes exacerbated by cranial inflammation pressures which makes me need to 'time-out' in a dim quiet room (without TV or radio) after I am rendered quite unable to concentrate or converse with anyone; not even with my own wife and family.  I then have to 'thumbs-up' instead of making what would be a painful nod for "yes", or shake a hand instead of my head to say "no".



I taste the inflammation too, as well as the occasional emission of head fluid, and the physical pressure changes within my head stress my entire metabolism, notably modifying my sleep patterns;  next morning often feeling shaky, flaky, dehydrated and incapable of doing anything but rest.  Even getting washed has to wait until I recover sufficiently to do so, maybe during an afternoon, maybe after another day;  and then getting washed, or raising my chin to shave, leaves me feeling awful again with a need for further rest.




Thus I am now living an unpredictable 'maybe tomorrow' life, with endless disappointment for what was and what could have been, but which will never be again.  For 15 years now even the most simple of basic social interactions like talking and visiting have been something I must avoid doing or limit in order to prevent the onset of longer lasting pains and pressure generated, sense sapping cranial neuralgias which quickly instil within me an inescapable need to get home in order to recover.  The more I struggle through my cranial symptoms in any interactive situation the worse I become, and the longer it takes me to recover.






Do not think I am bemoaning my situation, for I know of so many others who are much worse off than myself.  I am however scathing that this can still be happening in our 21st century, and thus I feel I must do what little I can to warn everyone that a visit 'seeking help' from your local Chiropractor/ Back-Pain/ Life/ Wellness Clinic could end up being as life changing as THEY claim it could be, only in a way YOU really could not begin to imagine.




My own mother is one who is so much worse off than myself - bed bound for 42 years with chronic spine/hip osteomyelitis after disc surgery.  She lives just a few minutes away by car, and it breaks my heart that I cannot manage to visit as much as every other day, for this frequency causes more movement/ talking induced pain and inflammation than I can manage to recover from on an on-going basis!




Thus to our Medical Doctors and Politicians I say; -




Watch this - click - Textbooks state that bones fatigue and that the base of a skull can be fractured due to body weight pull via strong longitudinal and pharyngo-basilar attachments, and yet no-one says "NO". 



(Note that not all Chiropractic 'adjustments' are this gentle.)




Also think of the bio-mechanics illustrated here.  Unilateral tension plus axial force via strong front spinal ligaments cannot fail to set up localised rotation plus scissoring forces at the rear of vertebrae;  these acting on essential vertebral arteries and other occipital ligaments.







Cranial arterial integrity is more important than other spinal maladies ! 




" Your shameful 'hands-off' acquiescence and permissiveness are effectively allowing more unacceptable 'hands-on' induced injuries to be caused !




Also shamefully, you are maintaining my NHS records with all reports of my head X-rays (clicks above etc.) effectively stating that my irreversibly damaged cranium has never been anything other than *normal*."




So WHY are radiologists trained at our Hammersmith Hospital centre of excellence allowed to control evidential TRUTH against not only an individual patient's civil and HEALTH interests, but against PUBLIC interests too;  and this in a manner which an individual patient simply cannot do anything about *without* formally 'pitting' one Doctor's reputation against another's !? 




Is this Institutional bias, or Investigational bias, or Insurance Company bias ? 



No matter;  it is not up to Radiologists to pre-control Legislated and thus National outcome by controlling the reporting of important diagnostic information !



Which is worse - Injury or Cover-up,  so that it can happen over and over again?




And it is not just me alone to whom all this has been happening, because *no ab-normality* reporting also applies to many others I am now in contact with!




!!! If you wish the authorities to retain a truthful health record in your name - then do not allow yourself to become injured by a Chiropractor !!!





Finally I ask who are the real victims here - myself and other previously productive individuals who were seriously injured or died - OR - our entire society due to this glaringly obvious lack of joined up thinking ?




Hopefully significant points have been raised here in an orderly enough fashion for this situation to be formally re-assessed, and in this regard - just over two years after starting writing this page and with messages of encouragement from others also injured by Chiropractors - I aim to forward a copy of this to our UK Minister for Health, the individual who is charged with personal responsibility for this situation.






Special Thanks are due to my loving wife,  who has looked after and watched over me through all the times when I have been particularly unwell with frightening symptoms and serious on-going debilitation. 



My thanks also go to those who freely commissioned and designed this Website.  




Also see my other Electronics based Website at -






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